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Welcome to the SIU Center for Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic Sciences, a research center for both freshwater and marine science.

Southern Illinois is a great location for fisheries, fish biology, and aquatic research, with many lakes, streams, and rivers in which to work. We have a strong marine biology component and are within a day's drive to the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Lakes.

Working with dedicated faculty

Developing professional connections



Accessing world-class facilities


Students from our program get jobs in many fields including:

  • fisheries management in state & federal agencies
  • aquaculture in public and private sectors
  • marine biologist
  • aquarium facilitator (e.g., Shedd Aquarium)
  • marine & freshwater ecology
  • industry
  • toxicologist
  • geneticist
  • university professor
  • teachers/instructor
  • environmental consulting
  • non-profit conservation groups

Notable happenings:

  • Paul Hitchens interviewed on aquaculture in Illinois [2/28/14]
  • Andy Yung successfully defended his thesis on movement of VHS between Lake Michigan and the Illinois River [2/21/14]
  • SIU Student Subunit of AFS wins most active subunit award from NCD [2/1/14]
  • Director Garvey on NPR about carp [10/22/13]
  • Congrats to Luke Nelson for defending thesis on effect of harvest and processing on Asian carp quality [10/22/13]
  • Carlin Fenn defended an excellent thesis “Evaluating the Endocrine Regulation of Shovelnose Sturgeon Growth” [10/18/13]
  • Dr. Mike Lydy and colleagues publish important article on aquatic insect tolerance to pesticides [10/18/13]
  • 2013 Center photo [10/8/13]
  • Congrats to Brittany Szynkowski on defending her thesis on carp reproduction in the field [10/8/13]
  • Congratulations to Jeff Hillis on defending his masters thesis on contaminated and confused bluegills. [7/22/13]
  • Carlin Fenn wins the 2012-2013 Lewis Aquaculture Award [7/19/13]
  • Recent grad Elliott Kittel featured by National Geographic [5/21/13]
  • Congrats to Franklin Woitel who successfully defended his thesis (and how!) on lipid nutrition of cobia. Now that he's conquered a tropical carnivore, he's headed north to tackle coldwater fishes [5/17/13]
  • Director Garvey featured by Illinois Water Survey [5/3/2013]
  • SIU sturgeon research featured in Fisheries magazine's front cover [4/30/12]
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