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Katie and Mia who work under Dr. Lydy are decked out in personal protective equipment during a recent salmon test breakdown.

Shovelnose boat in action.  

Brittnany and Zach Netting
Brittnany and Zach at the annual IDNR Muskie surveys at Kinkaid Lake using fyke nets.
Researching in Protective covering
Mia and Katie from Dr.Lydy's Lab are decked out in PPE during a salmon test breakdown, where they looked at chemical bioaccumulation from pesticides in Chinook salmon.
Harvesting bass for research
Harvesting bass for research
Research on the River
Research on the River

Welcome to the SIU Center for Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic Sciences (CFAAS), a research center for freshwater and marine science.

Southern Illinois is a great location for fisheries, fish biology, and aquatic research, with many lakes, streams, and rivers in which to work. We have a strong marine biology component and are within a day's drive to the Gulf of Mexico.

Did you know?

  • We help Illinois fish farmers raise more than $2 million a year
  • Our faculty are internationally known for their accomplishments
  • Center research brings millions of dollars to the Southern Illinois economy annually 
  • We provide educational and professional outreach to local schools and organizations
  • Fish and water are essential resources
  • CFAAS is a member of the National Association of University Fisheries and Wildlife Programs

Students from our program get jobs in many fields including

  • Fisheries management in state & federal agencies
  • Aquaculture in public and private sectors
  • Marine biology
  • Aquarium facilitation
  • Marine & freshwater ecology
  • Toxicology
  • Genetics
  • University professorship
  • Teaching and instruction
  • Environmental consulting
  • Industry
  • Non-profit conservation