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All of our faculty have joint appointments in the Department of Zoology, College of Agriculture, Life & Physical Sciences.  We teach several undergraduate and graduate courses in fisheries and aquaculture including:

  • Marine Biology, Zool 385 [description]
  • Environmental Risk Assessment, Zool 411 [description]
  • Fisheries Conservation & Management, Zool 466 [description]
  • Aquaculture, Zool 477 [description]
  • Aquatic Toxicology, Zool 533 [description]
  • Analytical Methods in Toxicolology, Zool 559 [description]
  • Aquaculture Techniques, Zool 564
  • Environmental Physiology of Fish, Zool 565 [description]
  • Advanced Fisheries Management, Zool 569 [description]
  • Advanced Aquaculture, Zool 570 [description]
  • Conservation Genetics, Zool 584 [description]
  • Analytical Techniques in Toxicology
  • Additional courses in Limnology, Ichthyology, Stream Ecology, Watershed Management, Freshwater Invertebrates, Food Webs, Stable Isotope Ecology, & Aquatic Ecology are regularly offered through Zoology and other departments