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Spring 2017:

  • Dr. Ed Heist received the "Distinguished Service Award" from the American Elasmobranch Society. 
  • Dr. Michael Lydy was awarded the SIUC Scholar Excellence Award.
  • Kelli Barry won the 2016 William M. Lewis Memorial Scholarship
  • The SIUC subunit of the American Fisheries Society announced a Salukifunder kickstarter to improve Campus Lake.
  • Three MS students, Alexis Bergman, Chris Jackson, and Kelli Barry all successfully defended their thesises during the week of Mmarch 27-31. 
  • Anthony Porecca successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation "Ecology and coexistence of Scaphirhynchus sturgeon at multiple scales" on March 30, 2017 
  • Four students, Liz Tristano, Jen-Luc Abel, Aaron Schiller and Alex Loubere all received travel funds from the center to attend the 2017 Illinois Chapter of the American Fisheries Society meeting in Moline, February 21-23 

Spring 2016:

  • Chris Jackson won the 2015 William M. Lewis Memorial Scholarship [5/10/16]

Summer 2015:

  • Former director Chris Kohler published his first novel "Cracked Island." [8/23/15]
  • Dr. Michael Lydy was awarded a highly competitive grant from the National Institutes for Water Resources.  Dr. Lydy's project is entitled “Using bioavailability to assess pyrethroid insecticide toxicity in urban sediments.”  Congratulations Mike! [8/13/2015]
  • A press release from the US Geological Survey on pallid sturgeon prominently featured Dr. Ed Heist and graduate student Jennifer Eichelberger [7/30/15]
  • Dr. Ed Heist's sturgeon research was featured in the Daily Egyptian [5/3/2015]

Spring 2015:

  • Jake Bledsoe won the 2014 William M. Lewis Memorial Scholarship [1/30/2015]
  • SIUC Fisheries Research was featured in a press release by the Army Corps of Engineers [1/20/2015]

Spring 2014: 

  • Paul Hitchens interviewed on aquaculture in Illinois [2/28/14]
  • Andy Yung successfully defended his thesis on movement of VHS between Lake Michigan and the Illinois River [2/21/14]

Fall 2013:

  • Director Garvey on NPR about carp 
  • Congrats to Luke Nelson for defending thesis on effect of harvest and processing on Asian carp quality 
  • Carlin Fenn defended an excellent thesis “Evaluating the Endocrine Regulation of Shovelnose Sturgeon Growth” 
  • Dr. Mike Lydy and colleagues publish important article on aquatic insect tolerance to pesticides 
  • 2013 Center photo 
  • Congrats to Brittany Szynkowski on defended her thesis on carp reproduction in the field 

Summer 2013: 

  • Congratulations to Jeff Hillis on defending his masters thesis on contaminated and confused bluegills. 
  • Carlin Fenn wins the 2012-2013 Lewis Aquaculture Award
  • Kickstarter campaign hits St. Louis
  • Our Kickstart campaign in the news
  • Recent grad Elliott Kittel featured by National Geographic
  • Congrats to Franklin Woitel who successfully defended his thesis (and how!) on lipid nutrition of cobia. Now that he's conquered a tropical carnivore, he's headed north to tackle coldwater fishes 
  • Director Garvey featured by Illinois Water Survey

Spring 2013:

  • SIU sturgeon research featured in Fisheries magazine's front cover 
  • Dr. Chloe de Perre is one of three finalists for the 2013 American Chemistry Society AGRO Division New Investigator Award.

Spring-Summer 2013:

  • Now looking for 2013 IGERT fellows in watershed science (PhDs) [3/29/13]
  • CFAAS on NPR about midwest shrimp [3/27/13]
  • Nicolle MacVey defended her thesis on young paddlefish foraging [3/27/13]
  • Jake Norman (already employed in Texas) successfully defended his thesis on otolith microchemistry of Asian carp [3/22/13]
  • Congratulations to Carlin Fenn for getting a Graduate Professional Student Council Research Award [3/22/13]
  • Fish Feed and Nutrition Workshop at SIU, Sept. 22-24. Sign up now. [3/20/13]
  • Our very own graduate student Carlin Fenn (adviser Brian Small) won the best student paper award at the 2013 meeting of the World Aquaculture Society. Yeah! Title of talk "INSULIN-LIKE GROWTH FACTOR REGULATION IN Scaphirhynchus STURGEON" [3/6/13]
  • Apply for the CFAAS-sponsored Shedd internship due March 7 [2/26/13]
  • Congrats to Liz Tripp Mackenbach (Lydy Lab) for defending her thesis on mitigating the toxicity of PCBs in the Ottawa River, Ohio. Great Job! [2/22/13]
  • The Lewis Award plaque is finally in place (with Bonnie Mulligan, first winner) [1/24/13]
  • Center Floodplain research featured in International Innovation [1/23/13]
  • Student subunit featured in the university student news [1/22/13]
  • The Center dominates in a recent edition of Fisheries magazine [1/17/13]
  • Congratulations to Bonnie Mulligan for zooming through her MS thesis defense on fat tilapia [1/11/13]
  • Learn how to prepare Asian carp from our very own Quinton Phelps [1/7/13]
  • Congratulations to Dr. Mike Lydy and his minions. Our resident aquatic toxicologist has racked up more than 400 citations of his scientific papers this year (that's a lot). Check out some of his collaborative work here. [12/21/12]
  • CFAAS featured article for December: Conservation and policy [12/3/12]
  • CFAAS featured article for November: Finfish nutrition [11/15/12]
  • Check out Brian Small's new lab page [11/13/12]
  • Jim Elser, aquatic ecologist, will be here on November 15 [10/31/12]
  • Join us for Celebration of Us in Carbondale this weekend [10/18/2012]
  • Curtis Crouse successfully (and effortlessly) defended his masters thesis: USE OF ALTERNATIVE LIPIDS AND FINISHING FEED TO IMPROVE NUTRITIONAL VALUE AND FOOD SAFETY OF HYBRID STRIPED BASS [10/5/2012]

Fall 2012:

  • Congrats to Mary Janello for 15 years of service to SIU [10/2/2012]
  • SIU research featured in Biosonics newsletter [9/26/2012]
  • Thanks to the students and especially Bonnie Mulligan for a successful (and tasty) prawn sale [9/25/2012]
  • Our new conservation aquarium program is coming along [9/25/2012]
  • Fresh prawn will be available for sale next week (week of 9/17) at $8/pound. If interested, contact Bonnie Mulligan at or 618.453.2608.
  • Thanks to Carlin Fenn, grad student with Brian Small, for creating a new AFS subunit web site
  • Feature 2012 article by Jesse Trushenski in Fisheries magazine about aquaculture
  • Congrats to Trushenski, Gause, and Rosenquist on having their article selected as the 2011 Best Paper in the North American Journal of Aquaculture
  • Congratulations to Neil Rude for defending his thesis on the use of fatty acids and stable isotopes for identifying the origin of fishes.
  • Bill Hintz won a Dissertation Research Award for 2013-2014 [4/28/13]
  • Julie Schroeter highlighted by the College of Agricultural Sciences [4/23/13
  • Congrats to Carlin Fenn (adviser Brian Small) (again) for scoring the 2013 Sigma Xi Graduate Poster Award & the Research Town Meeting 2nd Place Poster Award [4/23/13]
  • Congrats to Kelli Barry, Cheyenne Adams, and Andrew Ciuris, undergrads who won REACH awards for research [4/9/13]

Fall 2011-Spring 2012:

  • Congratulations to Jenny Johnson who defended her M.Sc. thesis on YOY sturgeon telemetry
  • Chef Parola will be visiting to show us how to cook Asian carp
  • Congrats to Andy Coursey for defending his M.Sc. thesis on largemouth bass diets...neat, economically relevant results...
  • Bonnie Mulligan just won a Skinner Award to travel to the upcoming AFS meeting in Seattle.
  • Jenny Johnson was granted a travel scholarship to the upcoming meeting of the North American Chapter of the World Sturgeon Conservation Society in BC
  • Jeff Hillis just won a 2011 EPA STAR graduate fellowship (see news release)
  • The Fish Fry 2011 rocked...good weather, good food, good company
  • Dr. Quinton Phelps successfully defended his PhD...congratulations!
  • Paul Hitchens and local fish farming segment on River Region News
  • Dr. Jesse Trushenski will be awarded the American Fisheries Society Distinguished Service Award in Seattle this fall. Woo hoo!
  • Angler students are welcome to an open house hosted by us and the College of Science: April 9, 2011
  • Carlin Fenn just won the 2011 Walleyes Unlimited Scholarship
  • Nicolle MacVey was awarded the 2011 Carter-Kenney Award from the Department of Zoology
  • The April 27, 2012 Fish Fry was a success.
  • Another PhD produced. Congratulations to Dr. Fred Chu on defending his research on pacu ecology and culture in Peru.
  • Feature article by Jesse Trushenski in Fisheries magazine about aquaculture
  • Artur Rombenso lands a prestigious 3-year Ph.D. fellowship from Science without Borders in support of his Ph.D. research focused on lipid nutrition of marine fishes.
  • Congratulations to Patrick Blaufuss for successfully defending his masters thesis on the impact of soybean meal protein additives on fish health and growth
  • SIUC will be part of a major effort assessing the effects of an emerging fishery for bigheaded carps in the Illinois River.
  • Congratulations to Nicolle MacVey for winning the Walleyes Unlimited Scholarship.
  • Matt Krampe (student of Dr. Ed Heist) just scored the 2010 James E. Wright Graduate Award from the Fisheries Genetics Section of the American Fisheries Society. We are on a roll...

Spring 2011:

  • Brian Small gets interviewed on CNN Chile!
  • Fisheries now has an official "track" in the Zoology undergraduate curriculum
  • The 2010 annual Hog Roast was Sunday, Oct.
  • Congrats to Jeff Hillis for getting a travel award from the Illinois Lake Management Association
  • Upcoming Soy Partnership Meeting
  • News on Brian Small's Chile trip
  • Yuping Ding, one of Mike Lydy's students won a SETAC graduate student award in Environmental Chemistry

Spring 2010:

  • First meeting of the Southern Illinois Aquarists Association (hosted by the FIAC) will be April 28th at 5 PM.
  • Quinton Phelps was the recipient of the Lewis Osborne Student Paper Award at the Illinois AFS annual meeting this spring 2010
  • Another aquaculture extension article
  • FIAC aquaculture extension in the news (Paul Hitchens and private farming)
  • FIAC is now part of a large interdisciplinary farm project (nearly $2M)
  • Holiday party 2010 pictures
  • FIAC toxicology in the news
  • Quinton Phelps received the 2009 Roy Heidinger FIAC Service Award
  • Both Dawn Sechler and Dave Myers successfully defended their masters theses last week (February 2009)
  • Congratulations to Dr. Heidi Lewis on completing her defense!
  • An article on our recent research on fish taste and marketing conducted by Dr. Jesse Trushenski and colleagues
  • Congrats to Brian Gause, Heather Calkins, & Kurt Smith for defending their masters theses!
  • A new NSF IGERT Fellowship program is beginning at SIUC, of which the FIAC is a part
  • Our founder, Dr. Bill Lewis, passed away May 15th, 2010
  • Our fish farming outreach on TV...
  • Fish Fry is a'coming .... April 23rd, Campus Lake Marina
  • Congrats to the Saluki Bassers on making the national scene in sportfishing...our Dr. Ed Heist is their adviser
  • Jen Eichelberger won the Stoye Award for the best student oral presentation in Genetics, Development, and Morphology at the 2010 meeting of the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists in Providence, Rhode Island
  • We bid a fond farewell to Kristen Burton and thank her for her exemplary service to the Center.� Hope she enjoys Wisconsin!
  • Dr. Brian Small was just elected as President Elect of the Physiology Section of the American Fisheries Society (June 2010)

Winter 2010:

Summer 2009:

  • Despite the hysterical headline (and picture), we survived the storm
  • To those who fry, we salute you...Fish Fry pictures 2009
  • Dr. Jim Garvey is officially Director of the Center on April Fools Day 2009 (very appropriate); the question is who is playing the joke?
  • Fishing at SIUC
  • 2008 Annual Report is ready (good job fishheads!)
  • Fatty acids matter

Winter 2008:

  • Heidi Lewis is the recipient of the first annual 2008 Roy C. Heidinger Service Award
  • Congrats to Dawn Sechler & Quinton Phelps who both received research awards through the Illinois AFS
  • Congrats to Dawn Sechler who was a finalist in the Janice Lee Fenske Memorial Award through the NCD
  • Hog roast 2008 pictures
  • Cool water aquaculture workshop, Rend Lake, Jan. 2009
  • Dr. Kohler retired Oct. 1; he has set a high bar for the program
  • Paul Hitchen's service to the community through fish farming assistance
  • Quinton Phelps won the 2008 Todd Fink Memorial Award from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for his PhD research on the endangered pallid sturgeon
  • Dr. Chris Kohler is the 2008 recipient of the Fisheries Education Excellence Award from the American Fisheries Society

Summer 2008:

  • Dr. Chris Kohler was named 2008 Distinguished Alumnus by St. Mary's College of Maryland where he received his BS.
  • Pictures from Dr. Kohler's retirement party [here]
  • Pallid sturgeon tracking in the SE Missourian newspaper
  • Congratulations to Dr. Chris Kohler who won the Stephen Forbes Award of Fisheries Excellence from the Illinois Chapter of the American Fisheries Society in 2008

Fall 2008:

  • One of Dr. Mike Lydy's papers, "Belden et al. 2007. How well can we predict toxicity of pesticide mixtures to aquatic life?", was one of the most accessed in the journal Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management
  • The Gerald Cross Alumni Leadership Award for 2008 was given to Dr. Chris Kohler from his former home in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Virginia Tech
  • Undergraduate Heather Foslund recently won a university REACH award under the direction of Dr. Mike Lydy. Have fun doing toxicology research Heather!
  • Heidi Lewis won yet another travel award to the national AFS meeting in Ottawa through the AFS Equal Opportunity section. Great job!

Spring 2008:

  • Congratulations to Dawn Sechler, John Zeigler, and Mike Stahl who all won travel awards to the recent IL AFS meeting in Rockford, IL
  • Congratulations to Heidi Lewis, who won the Mulvihill Aquaculture Student Scholarship at the recent World Aquaculture Society Meeting
  • Please welcome Dr. Jesse Trushenski to the faculty; she was selected by the Department of Zoology as our new fish physiologist
  • Congratulations to Nick Wahl who recently won the Joan Duffy Travel Award from IL AFS
  • Recent radio clip about pallid sturgeon conservation by WSIU's Dan Cantor

Fall 2007:

  • The 2007 Fall Hog Roast pictures are here
  • Fisheries circa 1953 featured on the SIUC Legacy web page
  • The Wetland Field Center Site is now running.

Summer 2007:

  • Chris Green, doctoral candidate, received the Best Paper award for a talk entitled "The role of previous experience with piscivory and exposure to fish predators on survival of walleye Sander vitreus fingerlings" at the Southern Division of AFS meeting in Memphis, Spring 2007
  • Congratulations to Dr. Mike Lydy for his promotion to full professor
  • Brett Timmons won third place for his aquaculture poster on snail control at the St. Louis Area Undergraduate Research Symposium in April 2007
  • The RV Shovelnose (plus fairy princess) is here
  • FIAC research in toxicology and river ecology featured in the April 2007 Perspectives Magazine
  • Rob Colombo received a Dissertation Research Assistantship for summer 2007 from the Graduate School
  • Our Director, Chris Kohler, was awarded the 2007 Outstanding Scholar Award by the College of Science
  • The Student Subunit's fishing derby on Campus Lake has been cancelled due to insurance issues.
    We hope to have this event during Fall 2007.

Spring 2007:

  • Mississippi River sturgeon on Marketplace
  • Congratulations to the SIUC Student Subunit for winning the 2006 Most Active Subunit Award through the North Central Division of AFS
  • Heidi Lewis is the 2007 recipient of the 2006 USAS Subunit Travel Award for a presentation she will give at the upcoming AQUA 2007 meeting in San Antonio.

Fall 2006:

  • All were well-fed at the annual Christmas Party (Pictures)
  • Melody Meadows, one of our Accountants, has moved to another position on campus. We wish her luck and happiness in her new digs at SIUC.
  • Sandy Walker, our Office Supervisor, retired December 15. Let's hope she enjoys her new freedom and her multiplying grandbabies.
  • A new research vessel is coming to SIUC